HeamoCer Plus

Haemostasis ideal to Nature
HaemoCer™ PLUS APH incorporates a sophisticated, plant-based polymer crosslinking that creates ultrahydrophilic, biocompatible particles. Upon contact with blood HaemoCer™ PLUS enhances the natural clotting cascade by rapidly dehydrating the blood and accelerating the concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site. HaemoCer™ PLUS also on blood interaction rapidly produces a gelled matrix that adheres to and forms a mechanical barrier with the bleeding tissue.
HaemoCer™ PLUS-Versatile Use:

• Treatment of diff use and localized bleeding.
• For bleeding around suture lines.
• Substitution of fibrin glue for haemostasisin vascular surgery.
• Substitution of bone wax in bone bleeding.
• Reduction in the need for electro cautery and associated tissue damage.
• Use with compatible filter cell-savers.

Fields of Applications:

• Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery.
• General Surgery.
• Transplant Surgery.
• Traumatology.
• Tumour Surgery.
• Oral and maxillofacial Surgery.
• ENT Surgery.
• Urology / Gynaecology.
• Orthopaedics.
• Plastic Surgery.
• Burn surgery.
• Neurosurgery.
• Paediatrics.

HaemoCer Plus – Haemostasis ideal to Nature

HaemoCer Plus APH exhibits all the key features required by surgical professionals, namely:


  • Plant Based
  • Contains no animal or human components.
  • Normally complete resorption.


  • Rapid resorption minimizes risks of foreign body reaction and granuloma formation.
  • Reduction of homologous transfusions abd blood donations.
  • Support and product trainings.


  • Compact packaging reducing storage volumes.
  • Rapid off-the-shell deployment, no special storage defrosting.



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HaemoCer™ PLUS: All-rounder in Haemostasis